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Log in with SSH

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Information about how to log in on Notur systems with ssh, and how to learn more abut ssh.

An SSH client (Secure SHell) is the required tool to connect to all the Notur resources. An SSH client provides secure encrypted communications between two hosts over an insecure network.

If you already have ssh installed on your UNIX-like system, have a user account and password on a Notur system, login may be as easy as typing

ssh <machine name>         (for instance: ssh

into a terminal window.

If your user name on the machine differs from your user name on the local machine, use the -l option to specify the user name on the machine to which you connect. For example:

ssh <machine name> -l [user name]

And if you need X-forwarding (for instance, if you like to run Emacs in it's own window) you must log in like this:

ssh -X -Y <machine name>

SSH clients for Windows and Mac

At the OpenSSH page you will find several SSH alternatives for both Windows and Mac.

Please note that Mac OS X comes with its own implementation of OpenSSH, so you don't need to install any third-party software to take advantage of the extra security SSH offers. Just open a terminal window and jump in.

Learning more about SSH

To learn more about using SSH, pleas also consult the OpenSSH page and take a look at the manual page on your system (man ssh).

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