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The 3rd High Performance Computing in the Arctic Conference


December 10-11 2007

Photo and copyright: Thilo Bubek

We are happy to invite you to the 3rd High Performance Computing in the Arctic conference hosted by the University of Tromsø, to  inaugurate the new supercomputer "Stallo" - the most powerful HPC system on a Norwegian university ever!

The inauguration takes place over two days, one day of conference and one day with technical workshops.

For information about the program, speakers, registration, hotels etc, please check out the links on the left side.
For details about "Stallo", please look at the following web page.

"The new supercomputer at the University of Tromsø are 15 meters long and weigh 16 tons. To reflect the grand dimensions we had to find a suitable name for the installation. The term “Stallo” is known from Sami folklore to be the biggest, fiercest “troll” or “monster” you can imagine. The saga claims that a Stallo can not be outdone by using force or power, only by cleverness and cunning tactics. So users should take notice and be aware of what awaits when the new system is installed. It is also said that a Stallo will always act with rage if a bigger opponent emerges."

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